See How Royal IHC Defines Customer Experience with Low-Code
Digitalize Services. Improve Customer Satisfaction.

It’s evident. Those clunky email-, PDF-, or Excel-driven processes can cause many headaches for you and your colleagues. What often goes unseen, unfortunately, is how those internal processes can affect your customers too. Royal IHC, a Dutch maritime equipment and vessels provider, recognized this when it came to the monitoring services they provided their customers. Previously run on Excel sheets and even USB sticks, Royal IHC knew they needed to improve fast.

Join Mendix and Royal IHC to hear how you can use low-code to quickly digitalize processes and start delivering the experiences that your customers need and expect.

Royal IHC joined Mendix at the premier low-code event of the year, Mendix World, to discuss how they’ve collaborated directly with customers to enhance the customer experience — and in this Mendix World Deep Dive, we’ll recap how IHC developed a customer portal using the Mendix low-code platform. We’ll go in-depth as to how IHC worked with customers to challenge their own assumptions and take a truly customer-centric approach to innovation.

Dive in with IHC

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  • Learn how to collaborate with customers and use low-code to build software fast — and validate ideas faster
  • Understand how moving to a customer-centric approach can make positive impacts on your KPIs
  • See how you can use low-code to optimize internal and external business processes that impact your customers’ everyday lives

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Abel Verweg

Product Marketing Manager

Arjan Van Limborgh

Manager, Digital
Royal IHC

Michael Tarentino

Customer Experience Director