Adaptive Solutions for Field Service Management
Is your business software forcing you into standardization?

It’s our belief that every business today should be using software at the core of every key business process. However, no business is exactly the same as another. Each has aspects of processes that are unique. Software shouldn’t force a business into a straightjacket of standardization, but should instead reflect each company’s competitive differentiators.

Let us introduce you to Adaptive Solutions for Field Service Management

This webinar is a conversation between early adopters of the concept of what we call ‘Adaptive Solutions’. With adaptive solutions, you are able to mold applications to perfectly fit your operational uniqueness. We’ve already applied this concept to digitize Field Service Management (FSM) processes and love to share this new way of developing software.

Don’t miss this webinar!

  • Be inspired by the new software development concept of Adaptive Solutions
  • Learn how you can benefit from this when developing software for your business
  • Find out why Mitsubishi Elevator Europe embraces adaptive solutions

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Jethro Borsje

Chief Product Officer
Mendix Industry Solutions

Lisa Aarsman

Head of GTM
Siemens FSM

Evert Visser

Managing Director
Mitsubishi Elevator Europe