Make a Crowdfunding Platform with Mendix
Create a crowdfunding platform for creators and supporters

The past decade has seen an explosion of content creators who find new audiences for their blogs, videos, art, and other crafts through the plethora of modern social tools out there. Supporters can donate money to their favorite creators through platforms like Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee, and Ko-fi so they can keep doing what they love.
In this live build, we will develop a crowdfunding platform that brings creators and supporters together in one bustling ecosystem.

Join us to learn how Mendix developers can make a crowdfunding platform with a creators page, followers, supporters, donations, content gallery and more. Developer evangelist Ryan Mocke will teach you how to build the app step by step. You’ll also get access to the project files so you can create the app yourself, enrich it with your own features and make it your own.

In this live build, learn how you can:
  • Build a creators page with top supporters, creator info, an activity time line, and more
  • Add functionality to follow creators
  • Create a donation feature for one-time and monthly payments
  • Make a portfolio page with a creator's content
  • Implement a goals feature for creators

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Ryan Mocke

Developer Evangelist

Jan de Vries

Sr. Community Engagement Manager