Make a Chat App in 60 Minutes
Make a Chat App in 60 Minutes

Do you think the chat apps you’re using on your phone are difficult to make? Think again, because you can create a chat app with low-code in 60 minutes, and we’ll show you how in our next Live Build.

Join us to learn how you can make a chat app, including chat functionality, creating groups, image and video sharing and more. Developer evangelist Ryan Mocke will teach you how to build the app step by step, and share the project files so you can get hands on and make your own app.

In this live build, learn how you can:
- Create chat functionality
- Create groups with multiple users
- Implement file handling for images and videos
- Style the app using UX best practices
- Set up alerts and configure device permissions

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Ryan Mocke

Developer Evangelist

Jan de Vries

Sr. Community Engagement Manager