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Topics include:

  • Testing innovative Mendix applications
  • Multiple automated testing options
  • Selenium and TestNG

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Quality Assurance Mindset in Mendix

Q. What options are available in the Mendix platform to deal with mock data during unit testing?

A. In general, there are two possible approaches to this:

  • Add multiple unit test microflows constituting different data sets to your application,
  • Use a test entity with mock test data and loop through it (which essentially constitutes maintaining a test database).
The first approach has the benefit of having a clearer separation between the different cases, but both approaches should work fine with Mendix.

Q. What kind of tools would you use for simulated load testing?

A. Since Mendix apps essentially are web applications, there are many off-the-shelf commercial options available that provide this functionality. As Mendix, we currently do not have a built-in solution for load testing in the platform. However, we do execute load tests as custom assignments for customers. Furthermore, there are partner solutions available that greatly improve the visibility of how your application behaves under stress. Please contact Mendix Expert Services for more information on how to best proceed with load testing in your specific situation.

Q. How do you suggest we test the Mendix framework when new versions of the framework are released?

A. As has been explained in the webinar and supporting blog post, it is important to not test the Mendix platform itself. Our internal quality assurance team rigorously tests whether standard Mendix components work as intended, and continue to do so across platform releases. Any change made to the platform that might break your existing application is mentioned in the Release Notes accompanying platform releases. Therefore, it is important to always carefully examine the release notes of any new Mendix platform release, to identify changes that might impact your application.
     Q. How can I integrate TestNG with SoapUI in order to test apps which use user interaction and web services?

A. SoapUI provides a Java class named SoapUITestCaseRunner which allows you to execute SoapUI tests programmatically. This class can be used to integrate SoapUI into Java-based test frameworks. Please consult the SoapUI API documentation for more information.

Q. Is it possible to record a test and playback the recorded test?

A. Yes, this is possible, and a great way to get familiar with automated testing. Selenium IDE is a Firefox plug-in that allows you to record and playback browser-based actions. It also allows you to save tests in various formats. There are also several commercial solutions that facilitate recording of tests.

Q. Do you have pointers on how to integrate sequences within a testing script? For instance: how do you loop over a list of ten expenses?

A. This highly depends on the test framework/tooling used. For example, when using TestNG & Selenium (as in the webinar) you could just build the loop in your Java code and iterate in that way.

Q. Do you advise to always write automated tests for our projects?

A. No, we recommend limiting automated testing to regression testing on the high-risk areas of your application.

Q. Is it also possible to set up automated testing without knowledge of Java?

A. Yes, test scripts can be written in a variety of languages. For example, Selenium can be driven from .NET, Python, Ruby and PHP. You also have the option to work with a recording tool like Selenium IDE. Mendix partners also provide solutions which abstract away Java, and provide their own mechanisms for defining test cases while leveraging knowledge of the Mendix platform.

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