Danny Roest
Product Manager at Mendix

Danny started at Mendix as a Senior Technical Consultant in the Expert Services team. He recently assumed the role Product Manager with a main focus Mobile. Using his combined experience, Danny continuously tries to improve the Mendix (Mobile) offering and enables customers and partners to achieve their goals.

Erik Klein Geltink
Business Engineer at Mendix

Erik Klein Geltink is a Business Engineer in the Expert Services team at Mendix. He is the newest member of the team and mainly responsible for developing applications in a project. Besides his development work, he also supports the project team with the agile development process.

Jan de Vries
Product Documentation Manager at Mendix

Jan is Product Documentation Manager in the Mendix Community team. He is responsible for increasing the expertise level of community members through documentation, training, and other forms of knowledge transfer. At any given moment he works on multiple projects to enable the community and achieve these goals.


Create a good-looking mobile app in minutes? Yes you can! Danny and Erik give you all the tools you need, including the Mobile Quickstarter App. They explain the ready-to-run example inspection module for an offline tablet and phone app, along with showing off some awesome new features, like page animations, pull to refresh, and swiping in lists. And of course, they teach YOU how to quickly and easily build a mobile app with all of these nice features.

During this webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • Mobile Quickstarter App
  • Online and Offline Capabilities
  • Awesome New Mobile Widgets
  • Creating a Task Manager App in Minutes
  • Other Cool New Features


Is the mobile quick starter app available for Mendix 6.10?

The Mobile Quick Starter App is only available for Mendix 7.2 and higher. The List View Swipe and Pull To Refresh widgets can be used in Mendix 6.10. Please check the App Store to see for which Mendix versions the other widgets are available.

Very impressive to see the ToDo app built within half an hour. Can you explain which steps are required when I want to deploy the App so that different people can start using it? What is required on the Mendix side and what is required at the App Stores (IOS/Android)?

Read Building a Mobile App with Mendix – Part 2 for a more in-depth explanation of this functionality.

Where we can find all the Mobile CSS classes?

We will publish a document with useful CSS classes next week, keep an eye on this page!

Can you tell which native phone functionality is available (Camera, QR code reading, SMS)? Can we use rest call from the Mobile App to a cloud server? And can we use Bluetooth from within the Mobile App?

You can check the category “Native Interaction” in the App Store. And yes, you can use the native REST Consume functionalities of Mendix. You can check this webinar for more info: http://ww2.mendix.com/expert-webinar-REST-Services.html.

If you are offline, will the Share widget send to message to a queue?

This depends on the app you’re sharing through. The data is sent to the app (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and it is up to this apps if they queue it or not.

What kind of offline capabilities are there or are in development? What kind of data is stored on the phone, and what is stored online? Will it sync (between periods of no internet connection)?

The Mendix product strategy and roadmap are subject to change. Mendix reserves all rights to makes changes anytime and without further notice. No rights can be derived from any statement or direction from these answers.

Please see the documentation and the webinar (http://ww2.mendix.com/expert-webinar-offline-apps.html) about existing offline capabilities.

Subjects that are on the road map are offline editability, offline validations, and combining offline and online. However, we cannot provide a timeline.

Is it possible to use any other Framework (like Materialize CSS) other than Bootstrap?

The Mendix HTML is based on bootstrap, but you can add your own styles. There are material themes for bootstrap.

Can we connect via Bluetooth to an external device and do the interaction between Mendix App and Bluetooth device?

This can be done with specific Cordova/Phonegap widgets.

In a listview, is there a solution to insert a button on every list item, and this button gathers a list of actions {edit, delete, more, ...}?

You can leverage the list view swipe widget for this. Also, check out: https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/2089/Mendix/DropdownDivConverter.

For widgets that require firing a microflow for functionality, like the QR Code Scanner, when will we be able to fire a microflow that can search through the local DB (offline) and do something with the results? Any update on this?

There are no updates about this at the moment.

Does Mendix support SVG, as the mobile screens are different in resolution?

SVG can be generated via widgets. Some of the chart widgets do this.

Can we connect to the WiFi printer using the mobile?

This is possible via a custom widget and a cordova/phonegap plugin. Check out this plugin for printers: https://github.com/katzer/cordova-plugin-printer.

How will the wrapping of hybrid apps be further streamlined?

Next month we will release Cloud portal improvements that include more settings. We also improved the more advanced flow where you download and change the default Hybrid app. More documentation will be available when this is released.

What is the behavior of these pull to refresh or swipe widgets if built using responsive layouts and used on a desktop?

A device with a touch screen is required.

Can we access RFID/NFC capability to check a tag/chipcard/chipID?

This is possible via a custom widget and a cordova/phonegap plugin.

Swipe and pull down refresh Will it work in touch screen laptop screen?


Is there an option to check if a mobile device is connected to WiFi or mobile data plan and then decides to proceed with the workflow or not?

Currently not. Note that it’s not always about the connection, but also if the server can be reached and does not time out.

When do you expect to incorporate the mobile functionality widgets in the Mendix Modeler itself to minimize dependencies and versioning issues?

Featured mobile widgets are supported by R&D and are supported with the Modeler. If you have an issue, please report it, because these widgets have platform support and must always work.

Android devices require six densities images, (Idpi, dpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi), how we can add or take advantage of this method in Mendix?

This is supported for the splash screens. In the Cloud portal, you can upload the different resolutions. For within the app it is the same as in a web application.

There used to be an option to publish a Windows Phone app, and now I think it’s been removed and only iOS and Android are available. Is there a plan to bring back the windows phone option, or is there another process to implement this?

As of Mendix 7, we no longer support Windows phone, because the market share is too low.

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