The Application Performance Monitoring (APM) product that is part of the Mendix Suite is the ideal tool to help developers improve their application quality. During this webinar you will learn how the APM tool can be used to:

  • Reduce the time and effort required to solve performance issues
  • Proactively prevent performance issues
  • Deliver performing logic right the first time
  • Reduce the time and effort required to solve functional issues

Arjen Lammers
Technical Consultant

Bart Tolen
Specialist at Mansystems Nederland BV

Michel Langras
Technical Consultant

Michel is an experienced technical consultant. He has been working for Mansystems for over 14 years. He has held different roles during those years. He started as a first line support engineer and application manager for ExpertDesk and other applications built on the BMC ARS platform. After some years he switched to second line support engineer, focusing on installations, implementations, performance and complex issues. Six years ago, Mansystems switched to the Mendix platform. The knowledge he gained while working with the BMC platform made the switch to Mendix easy. The past four years he worked as a senior support consultant with a coordinating role for the support and application management department. Just this year he started working with the expert team. Activities: Analyzing performance issues, load testing, developing, installing, implementing, working on integrations, advising on hardware and infrastructure, supporting Mendix based applications.


Does the Application Performance Monitor provide actual info on CPU and RAM usage?

Yes, it uses JMX, like other java management tools do.

Does the use of the APM module impact the application performance at all? Is there any reason not to always use it?

APM has been optimized to have a minimal impact on the app.

Of course the APM tool takes some CPU cycles. Load tests have shown that even with high load (50% - 70% CPU usage) the CPU overhead caused by the APM tool is below 5% and has a negligible impact on the responses of the app.

Is there a section on developers.mendix.com that gives advice or tips about microflow development best practices to prevent performance problems?

This is a good idea and on the list for the Mendix documentation team. Best practice documentation is available in the Mendix Documentation.

Is APM compatible with Mendix 6.5.1?


Statistical data can be very useful but takes up a lot of space! Can the statistical data be purged or archived or extracted for external analysis?

Yes it can. The APM tool automatically cleans up (purges) data after a specified time. You can archive or extract the data using the OData interface.

The App Store says that the APM tool is a paid for add-on service. Can I download the APM tool and try it for free?

You can ask Mendix for access to a cloud slot to try the APM tool. To use the APM tool in your own model you need a paid license. 

Would APM in the future also be able to make suggestions on how to improve performance issues?

Yes, this is certainly on the roadmap.

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