You may already be familiar with the power and flexibility of using microflows to express application logic visually. With the introduction of nanoflows, Mendix extends the power of visually modeled applications to the client-side by running actions directly on mobile devices or in the browser. Nanoflows make it easy to create more dynamic and responsive apps by providing a way to model complex validation or calculations with instant feedback, build interactive and dynamic users interfaces on top of intelligent navigation, and create smooth, state-to-state UI transitions. Because nanoflows run on the client, they don’t require an Internet connection and are perfect for use in offline apps too!  While nanoflows are great for offline and hybrid apps, in this webinar we'll be showcasing use cases for nanoflows in online applications.

During this webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • Nanoflows
  • When to use nanoflows
  • Working examples of nanoflows
  • Performance benefits of nanoflows

Robert Bond
Technical Delivery Lead

Robert is a Technical Lead on the Mendix Expert Services team. He is responsible for successful delivery of new Mendix projects and helps our customers succeed through a combination of training, system design, co-development, and modeling. Rob helps bring out the best in delivery teams and loves seeing Mendix apps solve real problems for real people.

Harry Rhatigan
Expert Services Consultant

Harry is a Consultant with Expert Services at Mendix responsible for onboarding customers and helping them create their first apps. Harry is passionate about helping customers achieve their goals through use of technology.

Vincent Beltrani
Lead Consultant

As a Lead Consultant, Vincent is responsible for taking applications from initial planning stages, through the software development lifecycle, all the way to production. He draws on experience across many industries to help customers identify their most challenging business problems and solve them using the Mendix Platform.


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