Mansystems, Expert partner of Mendix, released version 2 of the Application Test Suite. With a new look, new architecture, lightning-fast test execution, and a focus on a user-friendly experience, Mansystems and Mendix have taken a major step forward in their shared mission with ATS 2, further reducing app creation time from concept to completion. On top of that, ATS is now available as a service.

During this webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • The need for automated testing.
  • How your Mendix projects benefit from automating testing
  • How ATS ensures your team members can easily create automated tests
  • What ATS is and how it works
  • How to you use ATS in your projects
  • New features in ATS 2 and how to benefit from them

Andrej Koelewijn
Product Manager at Mendix

Andrej Koelewijn is a Product Manager at Mendix responsible for the Runtime, data storage and integration aspects of the Mendix Platform. He is an experienced IT professional with over 20 years of experience in different roles, ranging from development, to architecture, to pre-sales, to scrum master and scrum product owner.

Georg Holz
Senior Consultant at Mansystems

Georg is a Senior Consultant at partner Mansystems and responsible for the development of the Mendix Application Test Suite. He believes in test automation as an integral part of agile application development. Georg continuously strives for new ideas to help developers optimize their workflows.

Jan de Vries
Developer Content Marketing Manager at Mendix

As Developer Content Marketing Manager Jan aims to help every developer, aspiring app dev, and business person with an idea to succeed in a software-driven world by giving them everything they need to create innovative apps that inspire people around the world.


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