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Bart Tolen
Solution Architect at Mansystems

Bart Tolen is MVP at Mendix Expert Partner Mansystems and architect of the Mendix Application Performance Monitor (APM). With a Master in Engineering and more than 20 years’ experience in IT performance and application solution architecture and more than 10 years’ experience in Mendix, he believes that performance monitoring should not be seen as a fire extinguisher but as an integral part of any development process.
Andrej Koelewijn
Product Manager at Mendix

Andrej Koelewijn is a Product Manager at Mendix responsible for the Runtime, data storage and integration aspects of the Mendix platform. He is an experienced IT professional with over 20 years of experience in different roles, ranging from development, to architecture, to pre-sales, to scrum master and scrum product owner.
Jan de Vries
Community Messaging at Mendix

Jan takes care of the messaging for content and products created by the Mendix Community Team. He writes emails, text for websites, and scripts for videos, just to name a few. He loves photography and creating videos.


We recently released a new version of APM, version 2, built by our trusted partner Mansystems. APM2 offers a centralized user interface to monitor all your apps from one location, a more intuitive user interface, and an even lower impact in your application.

During this webinar we will discuss the powerful new features in this release:

  • Overview of APM and use-cases
  • New features of APM 2
    • Central user interface for monitoring all your apps from one location
    • New architecture to lower the impact on your apps
    • Improved user interface by simplifying configuration, combining tools, and faster processing of your data
    • End-user monitoring provides a new browser agent to understand performance experienced by your users
  • How to get started with APM 2


Is the use of APM included in the Mendix license?

You need to buy a separate license for APM, it's not included in the Mendix license. Contact Mendix to purchase a license.

Is there an evaluation or trial version?

There is no official trial version. We can offer a playground and provide access to the task manager so that you can try out the product in a safe environment.

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