Microservices are the future, and we're going to use this webinar to share what we've learned from implementing microservices with Mendix customers. Microservices can have a major positive impact in productivity, and with the right knowledge you can implement them in your own projects. Join the webinar to learn how to leverage the Mendix Platform to implement a microservices architecture, learn about use cases, and apply best practices.

During this webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • How to provide a seamless user experience
  • Patterns to transfer data between apps
  • Best practices and pitfalls
  • BI Patterns

Goncalo Marcos
Senior Consultant in Expert Services at Mendix

Gonçalo is a Senior Consultant with the Mendix UK Expert Services team. He has a deep technical background, as well as experience in low code and agile. His focus is on always finding the best way to help customers and partners achieve success in a software driven world.

Bart Luijten
Architect in Expert Services at Mendix

Bart Luijten is a results-oriented, enthusiastic and pragmatic IT professional with six years of Mendix architecture and consulting experience across a variety of sectors. As a member of the Mendix professional services team, he helps customers design, build and test web and mobile applications using the Mendix platform and Scrum methodology. Bart is well immersed in solution architecture, project design, technical support, project delivery, quality assurance and customer support. Moreover, he possesses excellent knowledge of the possibilities and applications of the Mendix platform.

Jan de Vries
Community Messaging at Mendix

Jan takes care of the messaging for content and products created by the Mendix Community Team. He writes emails, text for websites, and scripts for videos, just to name a few. He loves photography and creating videos.


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