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Willem Gorisse
Sr. UX Designer

Willem’s driving factor for the past decade has been turning frowns into smiles via innovative digital solutions for real people. Being an advocate of both User Centered Design as well as Agile Software Development makes him a strong believer in the Mendix philosophy. His design- and technical engineering background allow him to reap the benefits of both worlds as a UX designer. A good challenge in taking solutions to the next level is what makes his day. Innovation via synergy his credo.
Jan de Vries
Product Documentation Manager

Jan is Product Documentation Manager in the Mendix Community team. He is responsible for increasing the expertise level of community members through documentation, training, and other forms of knowledge transfer.



As more of our customers are scaling up their Mendix practices, we see many struggling to deliver great user experiences across their application portfolios. This often leads to low adoption throughout their companies and sub-optimal results. When looking at three Digital Execution Practice phases (Start, Structure, and Scale), its easy to see that the struggle will grow exponentially with each phase.

The solution lies in adopting a UX Design approach that focuses on the customers entire application portfolio instead of a single application; no longer designing a single application, but instead a Design System, which, with our new platform features, can easily be integrated into the Mendix Platform.

During this webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • The difficulties of scaling up the Mendix UX practice
  • Design Systems to the rescue
  • Creating your own Design System using the latest platform features, like Atlas UI
  • Enable your design system with the Mendix Platform
  • When to create your design system in D.E.P.

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