Design Native Mobile Apps Like a Pro
Design Native Mobile Apps Like a Pro

Join this Live Build webinar to learn how you can set up your UX approach and styling framework for native mobile app design in Mendix. Design Lead Chris Hodges takes you through the necessary steps of preparing your tools, creating a custom design and delivering a unique visual experience for iOS and Android. On top of that, we’ll cover debugging, structuring design files and other best practices.

This 60-minute live session covers a sample app that we’ll be designing for a fictional customer, applying their unique brand design and colors. From there, we’ll step it up by creating new design properties, setting up debugging for native apps and applying design best practices.

In this community webinar, learn how you can:
  • Implement your company’s brand using native mobile styling
  • Create new design properties for custom styles
  • Deliver a unique native styling for iOS and Android
  • Debug your native mobile styling

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Chris Hodges

Design Lead

Jan de Vries

Senior Community Engagement Manager