Forrester has named 2018 the year of Enterprise DevOps. While 2017 was a year when many companies started with DevOps and Microservices, in 2018 both are becoming mainstream and changing the way we do IT and the way we build systems. Productivity is improving drastically, whereby small business-oriented teams are able to build wonderful new IT components in a shorter time, and then deploy, monitor, and improve them afterwards.

It is the continued increased level of automation in IT that enables DevOps and Microservices, and all together we see a much better alignment between IT and business units in the future, where the business owns DevOps teams that own autonomous components.

In this webinar, Andreas will go through how all these parts fit together, and how we see Microservice Systems being designed are ready to take over the core enterprise application space.

Andreas Lennevi
Digital Enterprise Architect

Andreas Lennevi, is the Enterprise Architect of Mendix and he has worked half his career as Manager and half as Architect, giving him a strong understanding of organization, IT, delivery and technology. Andreas helps with the larger and more complex Mendix engagements where Core systems are built and DevOps, Microservices and Automation are important.

Fiona Neill
Community Relations Manager

Fiona is a Community Relations Manager at Mendix. Her focus lies in increasing the expertise level of the Mendix developer community through community engagement, documentation, training, and other knowledge based platforms.




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