Accessibility and the related practices of inclusive design are multi-faceted topics. Join us for an introduction to accessibility and inclusive design and an explanation of their common concepts and how you can use them in your Mendix projects. We’ll discuss what it means to be accessibility compliant, where the platform currently meets compliance, and how you can advise clients.

Topics covered

  • Accessibility and inclusive design essentials
  • Compliance regulations
  • Applying Accessibility and Inclusive Design to what you’re building
  • How Mendix can help
  • Tools and resources

Chris Hodges
Solutions Evangelist at Mendix

Chris is a Solutions Evangelist and UX Designer on the Evangelist Team at Mendix. He is dedicated to helping you learn to think like a designer and create products people will love.

Nick Di Stefano
UX Design Consultant at Mendix

Nick is a Boston-based product designer and has taken part in national diversity and inclusion efforts while serving on the Boston board of AIGA, the professional association of design, as Director of Education and later as VP and Director of Partnership and Community Outreach. He has been serving for over four years as city organizer for Action Design, an international non-profit organization focused on the intersection of behavioral studies in psychology, economics, and design for advocacy and positive change.

Jan de Vries
Community Messaging at Mendix

Jan engages the Mendix community with content and products created by the Mendix Online Platform team. He writes emails, text for websites, creates videos, and hosts community events, just to name a few. He loves photography, creating videos, and narrative-driven games.


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