Most mobile apps rely on network connectivity to provide a smooth user experience and working functionality. A loss in connectivity could mean a loss in efficiency - users may not be able to finish their task or risk losing data. Offline apps give your users the flexibility to use your app uninterrupted even when connectivity is not always available. With nanoflows, you can easily model application logic that doesn’t require a connection, and build an offline app in minutes!

Danny will bring you up to speed on the latest and greatest features from our vision for offline mobile apps, and how Mendix supports you through the app development process. Typical use cases for offline apps are inspection or event apps, but to make it more fun Goncalo will demonstrate another cool use for offline apps – gaming! While building an offline version of Mastermind, he will show you how to create your first offline app, model logic using nanoflows, instant app preview, customizing introduction screens, and installing the app on your device. 

During this webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • Offline mobile applications
  • Nanoflows
  • Best practices
  • Modeling an offline app
  • Testing an offline app
  • Installing an offline app

Danny Roest
Product Manager at Mendix

Danny is a Product Manager with a focus on Mobile. Combined with ES experience, Danny continuously tries to improve the Mendix (Mobile) offering and enables customers and partners to achieve their goals.

Goncalo Marcos
Senior Consultant at Mendix

Gonçalo is a Senior Consultant with the Mendix UK Expert Services team. He has a deep technical background, as well as experience in low code and agile. His focus is on always finding the best way to help customers and partners achieve success in a software driven world.

Fiona Neill
Community Relations Manager at Mendix

Fiona is a Community Relations Manager at Mendix. Her focus lies in increasing the expertise level of the Mendix developer community through community engagement, documentation, training, and other knowledge based platforms.


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