Daniel Dam
Product Manager

Daniel is a Product Manager at Mendix, where he focuses on the Web Modeler. He continuously strives to bridge the gap between R&D teams and the ‘real world’, making sure that current and future innovations deliver tangible value to customers, with spot-on user experience.



Jan de Vries
Product Documentation Manager

Jan is Product Documentation Manager in the Mendix Community team. He is responsible for increasing the expertise level of community members through documentation, training, and other forms of knowledge transfer.


Creating beautiful apps is now easier than ever with the help of the Web Modeler. The integrated Atlas UI framework enables developers without front-end design expertise to create great-looking, highly usable applications. The WYSIWYG editor will help your UI first design approach. Follow along with me in this webinar, and I'll show you how to create beautiful pages, and visually add your app’s domain model and business logic, all from the convenience of your browser. No installation required!

During this webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • Creating an app with the Web Modeler
  • Creating Pages using Atlas UI based page templates and building blocks
  • Creating Domain Model and Microflows
  • Customizing the app theme
  • App Store integration


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