Logistics: Transform the Customer Experience
Deliver Transparency, Traceability, and Accuracy in Uncertain Times

Logistics companies are at crossroads. On the one hand, they’re trying to tackle digitalization and evolving customer expectations. On the other hand, global uncertainties threaten business continuity and demand new ways of working. Just look at some of the recent changes -

  • A global pandemic
  • 44% of the companies are facing dramatic consequences of the “Amazon Effect” on their operations and customer expectations
  • 50% of the companies say disruptive tech trends like smart tech tracking, AI/ML, and advanced analytics are having a strong impact on customer satisfaction and logistics operations
  • Competition from new tech-savvy start-ups

It’s not easy for companies to deal with such shifting priorities – their operations rely heavily on manual processes and core systems that are difficult to change. Finding the right technology solution can help logistics providers improve customer experience, increase operational gains, and keep the business nimble enough to respond to unforeseen changes.

Join us for a webinar to learn how Raben Group, a market leader offering comprehensive logistics services, in partnership with CAPE Groep, a logistics technology provider, used low-code technology to -

  • Build a self-service customer portal that enhances customer engagement and advances Raben’s cost and quality leadership
  • Create transparency for Raben’s customers by giving them easy access to the latest information like shipment status, invoice overview, payment due date, and more
  • Provide instantaneous electronic proof of delivery to the customers
  • Increase the business value of the portal by gathering requirements from customers at an early stage and enabling ongoing business-IT collaboration
  • Generate operational savings by streamlining the customer service process and reducing phone/email touchpoints
  • Implement an agile methodology that empowers the business to quickly respond to changing market conditions

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Slawomir Pawlak

Raben Group, a market leader offering comprehensive logistics services.

Jeroen Veld

Commercial Manager
CAPE Groep, a logistics technology and service provider.

David Brault

Product Marketing Manager