Building an App Portfolio Vision That Works
Building an App Portfolio Vision That Works

Success with low-code development requires a strategy, beginning by creating an app portfolio. However, building that app portfolio can be challenging. Knowing which apps to build first (or next) with Mendix and the value they’ll create are both crucial to taking that first step to success.
Watch our on-demand webinar, with Mike Tarentino, Director of Digital Transformation at Mendix, to learn how to build an app portfolio strategy that works. He is joined by Nate Walton, Websites Manager at Brigham Young University (BYU) and Mendix customer to discuss the lessons that BYU learned when building their application portfolio, and tips for creating your app portfolio.

  • How to decide your first (or next) app to develop, and which problems to solve with low-code
  • The importance of building a business case for apps to capture demonstrated value and align KPIs
  • BYU’s keys to success for building out their Mendix capability
  • Next steps to host your own Mendix App Portfolio Workshop

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Mike Tarentino

Director of Digital Transformation
As the Director of Digital Transformation at Mendix, Mike is focused on aligning the use and adoption of the Rapid Application Development platform to the customers fundamental business objectives as well ensuring they are able to effectively measure and realize the full potential value.

Nate Walton

BYU Websites Manager
Brigham Young University
Nate loves to build things that educate and delight. He’s designed interfaces, learning management tools, systems, and processes for Brigham Young University. He currently leads a team of engineers who build BYU tools that serve campus life, teaching, learning, and research.