Every established enterprise that is digitizing its products, operations, and customer experiences must focus anew on user experience. This transformation—and the inherent challenges of delivering solutions that meet both user and business needs—has led to surging interest in Design Thinking. This approach calls for a deep understanding of users, a test-and-learn approach to new ideas, and constant iteration toward optimal outcomes.

Executives considering design thinking are encouraged to join this 30-minute, interactive discussion moderated by former Gartner analyst Gordon van Huizen and featuring Jerome Gouvernel, the founder of ADP’s Product Incubator, and Bob de Graaf, User Experience Strategist at Damco. They’ll share their experiences and best practices for applying design thinking principles to deliver breakthrough applications.

Attendees will discover:

  • The value of design thinking and how design-led companies outperform their peers
  • How to get started with design thinking, including pitfalls to avoid
  • Examples of innovative products ADP and Damco have delivered using design thinking

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Meet Our Speakers

Gordon Van Huizen

Vice President, Platform Strategy
A former Gartner analyst, Gordon has more than 25 years of software industry experience and has led the strategy, positioning and development of several industry-leading application platforms and middleware products.

Bob de Graaf

User Experience Strategist
A strong background in user research and experience design within Agile software development methodologies, Bob makes digital companies more successful through implementing and maturing UCD.

Jerome Gouvernel

Division Vice President and General Manager
TalentX, an ADP Venture Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
The founder and leader of ADP’s Product Incubator and the TalentX Venture, Jerome is responsible for designing and validating new work products that help employees, managers and leaders be more productive and fulfilled.