Mendix Platform Demo with Live Q&A

Our Application Platform helps your Business and IT teams collaborate closely during the development process so you’re quickly building the right apps to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency, and transition from legacy systems to modern apps. This 30-minute webinar provides an overview of our platform including a live demo of the:

Mendix development environment: See how your teams can collaborate in real time during the application development process, how your business stakeholders can give feedback directly to their development teams, how your IT team maintains full control of the development environment and can manage the entire application journey from within Mendix, including deployment, monitoring and administration.

App development process in Mendix: see how easily user-stories, sprint and release plans are integrated within the Mendix platform, add new functionality based on real-time feedback, redeploy locally to test changes, consistency and security.

Ease of deployment: Continuously merge and commit app changes in the Mendix modeler, before pushing the app into the staging environment and on to test, acceptance and production, where it can be used across any form factor – web or mobile.

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