Low Code in 30: Unleash the Makers: Move Faster with Citizen Developers

Software developer unemployment has never been lower, yet demand for new software has never been higher. The simple truth is that there aren’t enough developers out there to build what today’s enterprises need. Citizen Development – business users building applications on IT sanctioned tools – represent the most promising way to bridge the talent gap.

Turn business users into makers and tap into a new resource that will allow your organization to ship more solutions while maintaining scalability, maintainability, and security standards. Mendix is designed to empower everyone at your organization, from Business to IT, increasing collaboration and whittling down the huge backlog of ideas.

In this Low Code in 30 webinar, learn:

  • How business users can self-service some of their application needs
  • How citizen and professional developers can collaborate
  • How to balance citizen development with governance & control

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Meet Our Speaker

Jeffrey Goldberg
Mendix, Senior Platform Evangelist