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Living in an ever advancing Digital Software driven world, the push to develop new and innovative solutions to support the drive for increasing revenue, staying ahead of the competition, whilst adhering to budget driving organisations to involve more business stakeholders to look at improvements that can be made in the execution of their digital strategy.

At Mendix, our aim is to drive collaboration between all teams to ensure a smooth development path, with the primary goal of enhancing the delivery of the ideas that are created by the business. The simplicity of using Low-Code technology allows multiple areas of the business to make applications themselves, allowing solutions to be brought to market quicker and support all the challenges outlined above. 

To learn more about how Low-Code can solve some of your day to day challenges, join a small group of your peers at a Mx Experience Day and we will show you how.  A draft agenda is outlined below but this is an interactive session and will be steered by the group. will walk away from this session having built your first app in Mendix!  

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11th June 2019 | 0900-1600
20 St Dunstans Hill, London, EC3R 8HL


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Meet Our Speakers


  • 09:00
    Introduction to Low Code and How our customers are using low code to drive their business forward
  • 10:00
    Build an app - with experts on hand to support you
  • 12:00
  • 13:00
    Mendix Ecosystem - your support network to make life easier!
  • 13:45
    Feature Highlights - understand the tools that can support your newly acquired app building skills
  • 14:45
    Roadmap Overview - what exciting things are coming next!
  • 14:45
    Roadmap Overview - what exciting things are coming next!