Be the Next Digital Disrupter with Low-Code

Upset the status quo and start bringing in Blockchain, IoT, Watson and other bleeding edge technologies into every aspect of your enterprise’s digital strategy. With Mendix's low-code development platform, you can integrate your core systems and data with new technologies seamlessly without upending your entire IT organization.

Join us at IBM Think and learn how your organization can:

  • Maximize development capacity with a continuum of developer talent
  • Build innovative and differentiating solutions for your business
  • Easily integrate with IBM Cloud Services
  • Deliver strategic applications 10 times faster, with 70% fewer resources

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February 12-15, 2019
San Francisco, CA


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Meet Our Experts

Marshall Worster
Senior Director
Solution Architecture

Erno Rorive                
Senior Product Manager

Mike Terenzi
Senior Solution Architect

Dan Ljungberg
Senior Solution Architect