AI in the Enterprise: From Concept to Impact

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Cutting Through the Noise

Artificial intelligence can be a game-changer for software development.  

From AI-assisted development to AI-enabled applications and more, IT can get more innovative and efficient and deliver more intelligent, accurate solutions. 

But you can't win with "can be" and "potential." So, what does AI usage in the enterprise actually look like? 

Attendees will: 

  • See real-world AI use cases and their business impact 
  • Learn how organizations move from concept to creation 
  • Hear about different approaches to leverage AI’s power 

This webinar is the latest in our Cutting Through the Noise series, focusing on practical use cases and tools for AI in application development.

  • Nik Weiss

    Manager App Development

    Mondi Group

  • Richard Stegmeijer

    Senior Solution Software Engineer


  • Amir Piltan

    Chief Product Manager, AI


  • Chris Kuijper

    AWS Product Manager