Low-Code in 30: Integrating Conversational Platforms to Enhance User Experience

The world is constantly connected, and users demand engagement at their fingertips 24/7. Are your systems constantly connected too?

Conversational platforms enable you to reach and engage with your end users at every moment. From appointment reminders to shipping notifications, two-way communication channels allow users to navigate everything they need in their daily lives. But seamless communications are only possible if all of your systems are speaking to each other, and connecting each conversational platform can be a big time sink for your business.

Deploy your communications across your application portfolio through a reusable approach. Low-code makes it simple for anyone to connect conversational platforms seamlessly with your business processes and back-end systems.

In this Low Code in 30 webinar, learn how you can:

  • Create valuable user experiences through conversational platforms with operational efficiency
  • Increase and enhance customer engagement throughout your application portfolio
  • Connect Mendix with services like Twilio and LivePerson, among many other conversational platforms

Wednesday, June 12
10 am EST | 4 pm CET

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Meet Our Speaker

Jeffrey Goldberg
Mendix, Product Evangelist