Technical Deep-Dive: How to Use Conversational Platforms to Upgrade your User Experience

Instant communication has become the standard for which people interact with one another. Chances are you have more than three different messaging apps on your mobile you use interchangeably throughout the day. Your company is trying to figure out how use instant communication to its advantage, and tools like Slack, Intercom, Twilio, LivePerson, Avaya Cloud, and others are available to make it happen.

In this webinar, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of integrating conversational platforms into one holistic solution. Learn how you can:

  • Create your own integration with a conversational platform
  • Explore informational vs. transactional tools
  • Improve user and customer interaction and satisfaction with seamless experiences
  • Connect Mendix with services like Twilio, Avaya, and Slack to increase customer engagement and productivity within your enterprise.
Wednesday, June 26
10 am EST | 4 pm CET

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Meet Our Speaker

Jeffrey Goldberg
Mendix, Senior Platform Evangelist