Reinventing logistics
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Learn how a logistic company can become a disruptor, while cutting costs and (re)connecting with customers

Farm Trans joins us to share their story on how they transform their company with low-code to realize their long term vision, but also to immediately adjust their organization in the abruptly changing logistic world.

They are changing their business model by optimizing the processes to offer more sustainable services for their customers and a better way of working for their partners. And at the same time realizing a reduction in costs. One of the steps they took is developing an Order Management System (OMS).

“The key to improving customer experience (CX) is improving the processes that support customer journeys.” – Forrester

Order Management System is essential to your operational excellence, as well as to your customer experience. This is even more relevant with an ever-growing demand for (timely) delivery, we are experiencing these days. The most effective way is to make your OMS unique, scalable, and compatible with the rest of yours and your customer systems.

How do you manage the planning, performing all the checks and ongoing monitoring, while also ensuring that you maintain a leading customer experience? How do you start?

Join our interactive session to:
    • Hear from Farm Trans, an expert in food goods transportation, on how they transition their company with low-code towards a new disrupting business model;
    • See first-hand how low-code can be used to set-up a tailor-made OMS for your organization and support your customer satisfaction;
    • Learn on how OMS can work with your WMS, TMS, or even customer ERPs;
    • Engage in a discussion with your logistics industry peers on how to leverage OMS successfully.

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Deep-dive interview with Farm Trans




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Farm Trans

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Farm Trans

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